The Medic

by | Apr 11, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Electric switch triggered
The shrapnel made its way
It left the flesh torn
It took the life away
The medics fought for ages
They never had much hope
The body left in the bag
Tied up with a rope
The medics take the body
Head back to the base
How the hell to manage
They remember every face
No one ever mentions
The medics in this hole
Just an incognito
Who saves the wounded soul
The soldier gets the newsman
The medic gets some food
Who you must wonder
Is doing the most good
The soldier in the foxhole?
The medic by his side?
Which will make a difference?
Which works with most pride?
Neither is the better
Neither is the worse
I’d rather have a medic
Than end up in a hearse


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