The Mighty Snowflake

by | Jan 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Silently falling from dark laden skies
Swept on the wind like white angry flies
Swooping and settling and covering the town
It’s weight on the cables starts bringing them down

Roadways are blocked by the deepest of drifts
Railways are stopped and nobody shifts
Gritters are out on the road the next day
Dodging round cars that were left in the way

More motorists try to get out on the roads
Blocking the progress of lorries with loads
Before very long the jams are too great
More of the vehicles are left to their fate

Airports are closed and passengers moan
They can’t fly away or even go home
The airport says sorry it’s doing it’s best
So please have some patience and try to rest

Amazing how mighty a snowflake can be
Disrupting life that was once orderly
A small piece of ice which shows that it can
Bring instant chaos to “superior” man


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