The Miles Mean Nothing

by | Apr 14, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

The miles may have parted us;
True, I do not see you every day,
For this war has taken me away.

But know this: That borders and time differences cannot stand in the way
Of my heart and how it feels about you.
Love always finds its way.

All my waking moments are filled with thoughts of you,
Hoping that you are well in whatever you do.
Longing to be by your side-
Yet I wake up in the morning alone
Realising my wishes have fallen on deaf ears
I am still in a war-zone!

Sometimes it feels as if we are joined by a cord;
Our souls tethered together-
Please know that my admiration for you will never falter
Nor my love ever weather.

And if I could tell you just one thing, let it be this:
That I am truly yours and I will endeavour to get home to you
So that we can be together-forever.


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