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The Argies laid the minefields
They didn’t tell us where
I’m standing in the middle
My only feeling, fear !

I wandered in whilst on patrol
A Recce in the dark
The Rupert said “ An easy task,
A long walk in the park “

I feel so lonely standing here
Afraid to move my feet
I’ve made it safely this far
Sinking in the peat

“ DON’T MOVE ! “ shouts my mate Chalky
Standing out of range
A bloody stupid thing to say
I do find people strange

With nothing else to do
My memory slips back years
To months of endless training
Each day would end in tears

Instructors preaching lessons
Of minefields in the night
Of claymore mines, and nasty things
That made you freeze in fright

Don’t walk across a minefield
Your steps will double number
Just run like Hell with giant strides
Less chance of blown asunder

Option two’s your compass
The needle holding steady
Wave it out in front of you
Whilst crawling on your belly

Slowly, slowly, side to side
The needle shouldn’t wander
Until it meets a buried mass
Of metal further yonder

Skirt around it inch by inch
Eyes fixed on the compass
If it moves, a mine’s ahead
Don’t want to cause a rumpus

Nearly there, two yards to go
A sign appears before me
“This Field’s Been Cleared By Engineers ! “
It’s true ! I’m safe, you see !

I run across to Chalky
He tells me I’m so brave
He hasn’t seen the sign yet
The truth I think I’ll save

But Chalky didn’t make it
Days later he was gone
For years I’ve kept my secret
Alone, and just for one

So now’s the time to “ Fess up ! “
What happened back that night
I was no hero Soldier
Just paralysed with fright


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