The missing pillows

by | Jul 25, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My Wife she ate her pillows
At least I thought she had
They weren’t there in the morning
I thought that she’d gone mad

I questioned her when she awoke
‘ Where have your pillows gone ?
You must remember something ‘
But answers, she had none

‘ I dreamed of large Marshmallows,
The one’s that I adore,
The first one tasted lovely,
And then I craved for more ‘

Her head lay on the mattress
The pillows missing, when ?
‘ I think I may have ate them ‘
She recollected then

‘ You must be crazy Woman.
Not possible ‘ I say
‘ You couldn’t eat two whole ones ‘
But then again, she may

But I soon solved this mystery
With triumph I did roar
I peered across the mattress edge
And found them on the floor


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