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Can anyone out there help me ?
I’m alone and I could cry
My Twin he has gone missing
And ‘They’ve hung me out to dry ! ‘

I used to go ‘On-line’ a lot
With a friend that I called ‘Peg ‘
The pups they used to play with me
Whilst sitting up to beg

The Hamster used to hunt me
When I felt ‘Down at heel’
He’d hide me in the corner
Ready for to steal

But now my Brother’s missing
A common hazard that
We were called ‘ A right pair ‘
Whilst chewed on by the cat

My Brothers name was ‘Lefty’
The one that had the hole
I really miss my ‘ Sole-mate ‘
Please find him, make me whole

I searched upon ‘ The Internet ‘
“” was the first
I met socks with a ‘Fetish’
Which only made things worse

‘Socks-reunited, Socks-rescue’
I really tried them all
But I couldn’t find my Brother
I even looked out in the hall

So now I’m getting desperate
Running fast out of idea’s
Please help me find my Brother
I’m going to ‘Box his ears’

If he returns I promise
I’ll try to ‘ Toe-the-line ‘
I’ll cancel his replacement
Knitted from old twine

I think he may be Partying
To Nightclubs he would scoot
He’s always been a loner
And he’s got ‘ Club Foot ‘

A last resort was called for
999 I dialled
I asked them to send ‘ S.O.C.O ‘
The Sergeant got all riled

“ Don’t waste my time with nonsense,
I’ve better things to do.
I can’t be looking for a sock,
I’m looking for a shoe ! “

Smelly feet I don’t miss
The smell of ‘ Cheesy butter ‘
Trapped in by the stitched up holes
“ Darned Sock ! “ I hear you mutter

I feel all weak and weary
My heels all worn and brown
And now that my elastic’s gone
I keep on ‘ Falling down ‘

I lay alone inside the drawer
Feeling like a ‘ Muppet ‘
Until ‘ The Toddler ‘ found me
Now I’m a ‘ Child’s Hand Puppet ‘

Faces painted on me
A playroom my location
Now rescued from the sock drawer
I’ve found my life’s Vocation !


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