The Mission

by | Jan 5, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

This is not just a job for me…it is a vocation…a
Calling. There were four times when I almost died when I was young.
In fact…I think I must have died. I went to Heaven. But when
I reached the pearly gates St Peter said to me “What if it is
Not your time to be here yet? What if we gave you a chance
To live again, so that you can show others what you have learned,
That they might live their lives in peace, and love and harmony with
Others? If we give you back your life will you use it to help

Others and put their lives before your own?” Of course I agreed…
Anything to live again. But the first time I was still a
Little bit selfish. Not as much as before, but enough to die
Again and meet up with St Peter. He said to me “Kevin
My son. Listen to me. I told you not to be selfish. You
Must do more to help others and not to think about yourself.
Learn from your mistakes and go back and try again”. So I came
Back. But still I was too selfish. Yes, I helped others, but it

Was only after I helped myself first. So I died again
And I was called back to Heaven. St Peter said “look Kevin,
I don’t think you have quite got the hang of it. You are supposed
To put others before yourself. See if you can get a handle on it, OK?”
But I still did not do everything that I could for
Others…so I died again and went back to Heaven. St Peter
Said to me “that wasn’t too bad Kevin…you are almost there.
Just don’t worry about yourself…things will take care of themselves,

Because there will still be others who will put you before themselves.
Just concentrate on others now and do what you can for them.
Just commit yourself to others, and if everybody
Does that for each other then the world will be a better place.
Spread the word to everyone that they should always help each
Other, and always put the needs of others before themselves.
You will meet people who are special. Show them how this is done…
And when you have completed your mission we will call you back”.

So I returned to Earth. Now! I do not know when my mission
Will be completed. I am not supposed to know that. All I
Know is that for the rest of my life I am going to put
You and others before myself, and show people how to do
Likewise. So! There it is. That is my philosophy. I hope
That you can now fully understand why I think and feel about you as I do.
Whatever I do for you, you will be able to do for
Others, because you are special, and you have been chosen to
Take over from me when my mission finally is over.


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