The Moon

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sad old lady lay in her hospital bed
The nurse plumped up her pillows to raise her head
She looks out of the window and up to the sky
At the bright shining moon away up so high
Surrounded by the stars, all shimmering bright
A perfect round circle of silvery light

She remembers a time when she was a young girl
And danced in the moonlight, her head in a whirl
They were so young and she loved him so much
For years she longed for his soft, gentle touch
She would look up at the moon, her friend for so long
And ask him if he knew where her lover had gone

As a young wife she would still confide in her friend
To the moon in all its shapes and the light it would send
As a mother she would whisper her hopes and her fears
And so it went on through so many years
A lifetime has gone, now she lives all alone
A burden to her family who have lives of their own

She is ready to go now and she looks to the moon
“Please send him for me” she thinks, “Make it soon”
As she stays quite still and looks out to space
The moon turns into that sweet loving face
Coming closer he reaches out for her hand
She leaps forward to join him and leave this land

“Sister,” the nurse says on her rounds in a while
“This lady has gone but just look at her smile”
She reaches for the curtains to close out the night
And for a second she thought she saw a strange sight
On the face of the moon, a shadow, just a trace
Of two young lovers in a tight embrace


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