The Moon

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If you try to think of the Universe
And the Planet on which we live
Various thoughts will come to mind
And opinions varied you may give
The solar system is quite complex
With a mixture Asteroids Comets and such
Along with the floating Metorites
Tho nobody considers them much
Astrologists study the changing movements
Of the many assorted stars
Maybe looking at Jupitor or Venus
Or even the faraway Mars
And then divert the Astrological course
To try to study the Moon
Which in itself has much mystery to offer
As though sealed in a cocoon
The distance between the Moon and earth
Some 240, 000 miles
A figure unbelievable to some
To others it beguiles
We view it in so many plains
But only one side of the Moon we see
For it travels so much faster than Earth
At great velocity
But the pull of the Earth has slowed it down
So a little more of the Moon we see
But rest assured that the Dark side
Will never be visible to you or me
We view the Moon in many forms
But it’s phases there are eight
All defined by various names
And to the Sun and Earth they relate
Where years ago the Moon was a fantasy land
When only discussed in talk
Until 1969 and Apollo 11
When Neil Armstrong on the Moon did walk
Many wonder if man will inhabit the Moon
For that we must wait to see
If the advances of Science affords inhabitation
On the Sea of Tranquility


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