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I will hold you up to the night
The moon your mirror
The sky is black
Youthful dreams a tear away
I hold you tight
Under no illusions
I won’t speak out loud
Or out of thought
I will please you
And your smile will take me through
The coldness of the night.

I once heard of the dying wish
A wishing well for old desires
It never happened me
But your eyes will open the heart
Hypnotise the myth
And when you do
I will be there to feel
Feel the warmth grow inside you again.

I will hold you up to the night
My love for you will keep my eyes from closing
And my envy will shine like the summer sun
And I will feel happy
I will hold you up to the night
And hope your calling will chance
Oh how I wish for chance to smile on you
A wish I would happily die for.

I will hold you up to the night
Under shining stars I will pray
Under shinning stars I will wonder
My love
My angel
I will never leave you
And if need be
I shall hold you forever
Up to the night
The moon as your mirror.


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