by | Nov 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Columns of grey stand proud and tall,
In the silence of the land,
A monument to those who fall,
A place for all to understand.

Among the stones you’re lost in time,
Reading all the names with pride,
The statues watching silently,
Sadness and tears, you tried to hide.

And as your eyes take in the sight,
You look towards the setting sun,
Remembering those who fell aside,
And all the battles, lost and won.

You hear the songs they used to sing,
Their laughter echoes in your mind,
The memories are surging passed,
Then suddenly, you’re left behind.

Now the silence gathers round you,
And you’re back within this space,
Among the peace and solitude,
Of this sad – amazing -place.


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