The NBC Chamber Awaits

by | Aug 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The NBC chamber awaits
This is now our fate
We have practised our drills
Even learning how to swallow big pills

We stand in a line
Dressed in our NBC suits
The shout of GAS-GAS-GAS is given
And as quick as a flash the respirator is donned
You stare out through this rubber mask
Even breathing is becoming a task

We are herded into the chamber
The room thick with smoke
Without the mask we would start to choke

We go through our drills
Decontaminating before eating and drinking
They even show you how to go for a poo
Well what are you to do when you need the loo

We have been in for awhile and think we are done
But soon the instructors will have their fun
We are lined up ready to head out the door
But first must remove our mask as this is the last task
We are to shout out our name rank and number
Which can be done in one breath?
So they ask many questions until you turn blue
You breathe in the smoke and this time you start to choke

The door is opened and you are pushed out
Coughing and spluttering with snot running down your nose
You have just been exposed to your first CS dose
They tell you not to rub your eyes or your nose after a CS dose

As the cool wind blows I don’t feel any better
My eyes just get wetter and start to stream
That was a nightmare never to be known as a dream

So that experience has now come and gone
But I will never forget my first visit to the chamber
The laughs and the cries
Watching everyone trying not to rub their eyes


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