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Every dead mans soul is in my body
I am the epitaph of death
Nowdays the kids wear a hoody
Not so interested in mcbeth

My soul is complete as one
Every good thing moving towards
A heaven on earth amongst the heat of the sun
Giving love as a messege to the hoards

I love man woman and child
Loving every second im alive
The death and misery is sending me wild
Heaven on earth towards i strive

Ok when your dead
Its rotting flesh in a box of pine
But surely the love must be in your head
Cause our boys are on the front line

Noone wants to live forever
But whilst we live cant there be peace
Yes brother sister never say never
Just to love all may there be love and peace

It would be nice whist we are here
To be in heaven
Just a short stay thats so sincere
Oh heaven on earth.
Happy new f in year.


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