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The pavements glistened wet and cold
The doorway dank and smelly
No ‘Christmas’ cheer for this Man
Can’t even watch the Telly

Just another day like yesterday
Shivering from the cold
Frost sores on his cracked lips
A ‘ Tramp ‘ so he’s been told

Not for him the ‘ Office Parties ‘
Spilling down the Street
Not by choice a ‘ Down-and-Out ‘
No family to greet

His glazed eyes are like windows
To memories long ago
Of Christmas past, and better times
His face near froze with snow

A drunk throws down a ‘ Fiver ‘
An inebriated stare
But it isn’t cash he wanted
It’s love, and home, and care !

Alone again, he starts to cry
His tears they roll and freeze
He didn’t ask to be like this
His smell drifts in the breeze

Not long ago he had a Child
A wife, and fancy car
Till ‘ Post Traumatic Stress ‘ got him
From Wars he fought afar

His Family couldn’t understand
This strange and sudden change
He understood it not himself
An illness out of range

One day he made a lonely choice
To stay, and hurt his loved one’s ?
Or walk away forever
Forget their love, be gone !

So by himself this ‘ Xmas Eve ‘
In a City far away
He’ll sit and ‘ Celebrate ‘ alone
In despair he will stay

Now sitting in a doorway
He who once did dare !
Just another ‘ Drunken Bum ! ‘
The Country didn’t care

So if you, at Xmas
See a ‘ Hobo ‘ in the night
He might not be quite all he seems
For you and me he’d fight

He’s lost the will to live himself
His spirit all has gone
This Xmas Eve, no energy
Where once a spark had shone !

In future try to help them
The ‘ Fallen ‘ of our land
Don’t let them get unto this stage
Support them in their stand !


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