The other side

by | Jun 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

When we meet again on the other side
We will rejoice, and again be able to walk with a great stride

For those of us who had been in great pain
There will no longer be any pain

The friends and family we have missed for so long
We will be able to join in a song

The bad memories and experiences we had in the past
Will be gone at last

There will be no pain or sorrow
And we will not even have to worry about tomorrow

We will remember our friends and family that are still alive
And be waiting for them, when they do arrive

We will hope that no one suffered too much in our passing
As for here we know peace will be forever lasting

So to those left behind, we say to one and all
Do not try to rush your time, to join us, you will soon enough get the come home call


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