The Paratrooper

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A Soldier I always wanted to be
It was my main aim in life
To serve my Queen and country
In areas where troubles are rife
The training was hard but I saw it through
For I knew when all was said and done
I’d be capable in any situation
With a Bayonet Knife or Gun
The Infantry was really fine
But then I knew deep in my heart
I’d stand the test to be a Commando
Or join the Paratroopers from the start
The training intense , tested body and mind
At times searching deep within my soul
I knew that only determination and spirit
Would help me reach my goal
Eventually I passed my initiation
Pegasus was a word often heard said
Now the proud moment had come for me
To wear the coveted Maroon Beret on my head
The first jump from a plane was daunting
But the feeling of freedom was there
Just me and my equipment and ‘chute
Soaring like a bird thro the air
Then body braced for the landing
Practiced so many times before
Just one false move at the end of descent
Causing injuries never wanted I’m sure
But then came my first call to action
Dropping into the battle zone that night
Under cover of darkness
Taking up positions before daylight
No casualties on the drop on this occasion
Always a very good sign
Each man honed to battle sharpness
Ever wary of shell, bullet or anti personnel mine
It was Dusk before we advanced on the target
Taking the enemy completely by surprise
Destroying forward communication centre
And then flares illuminated the skies
Volley upon volley of Artillery fire
Followed by Infantry with tanks
Our job successfully completed
We temporarily joined their ranks
On this occasion no losses we sustained
No casualties to take back to base
But for me I’d flown my first mission
And seen battle full in the face
But later missions were very different
Witnessing the horrors of war
The noise , the smell of cordite and mortar explosions
The screams of injured, and shells as by they roar
And sadly there were times when victims we suffered
Those injured and fatalities too
But this was the career we chose for ourselves
For Queen and Country and the Red White and Blue
Though always in our minds were the comrades we lost
To return home in a shroud never looked for or planned
Mourned by their comrades, Families and Relatives
To Rest in Peace in this green and pleasant land


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