The path

by | Nov 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

While walking in the woods one day
I heard this voice softly say
“You want to know a way that’s true?
This is the path that is open to you”
There in the space between the trees
A beautiful vision made me freeze
Fixed to the spot, I could only stare
One of God’s angels floating there
Radiating peace and love in white
With a golden halo shining bright
A gentle face with piercing eyes
Far beyond the capability of lies
A long flowing gown down to his feet
Strong white wings made him complete

Life had not been going well for me
There was no way out that I could see
My faith in everything had gone
I could see no reason to carry on
I had walked around for hours it seems
Trying to find a reason for dreams
But there were no dreams left at all
I could see the writing on the wall
No one would miss me on this earth
I no longer had any real worth
The thing to do would be say “goodbye”
There is no one left who would even cry
I would go on home and write a letter
How I know my life could not get better

Then the Lord sent the angel just in time
To make me realize I am in my prime
I remembered all that the Bible said
The stories of Jesus are back in my head
That God is with you when times are bad
He loves you most when you are sad
He lifts you up when you’re feeling low
When you’re lost, the path he’ll show
Deep in those woods I said a prayer
So did I really see God’s angel there?
Does it even matter? The end is the same
God has me playing back in His game
Life is not always good, that is true
But if you let Him, God is there for you


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