The Patrol

by | Apr 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I patrol this dusty track
I find myself thinking back
To soldiers who were here before
And bravely fought in this merciless war
The Taliban hide all around
In the hills and under ground
And as I slowly pass you by
I see the look in your eye
Who you are, I do not know
Are you friend or are you foe
Do your children do your spying
Will you sing and dance as I lay dying
From your bullet in my back
Or explosion from a mortar attack
Or will you invite my friends and me
Into your homes to take some tea

As I patrol this dusty track
I find myself looking back
Over my shoulder to check and see
That all my mates are still with me
Then all at once that thunderous sound
As explosions blast all around
And as I dive to take my cover
A mortar explodes, and then another
Adrenaline flows, I have no fear
My hands are steady, my sight is clear
In the distance I see a figure
I take my aim and squeeze the trigger
And as insurgents fall from their place
Others flee, without trace
They run and hide far away
Returning to fight another day


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