The Peace and the War of Nature and Battle.

by | Apr 18, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

She sat by the lake attempting to
Find the peace and he quiet desired,
She saw the bird, dive to water
And attempt to catch a salmon,
It dodged and swam to the shallows.

The war in which her husband
Dodged the shot,
He was the salmon down in the
Valley and he retreated to the top
Of the hill.

A grizzly bear, he roars and
Strikes the water with his paw,
The salmon who had reached “safety” was
Thrown into the air,
A surprise attack.

From under a bush the enemy
Let fire,
The soldier in “safety” was shot, five
Holes were made.

The bear ripped the fish in two,
Ate it without a roar, a grumble
Or even moving the water.
The fish was in the paws of
The predator.

The enemy cut his body to pieces
And packed in a box,
Posted to the enemy HQ.
The soldier’s fate in the hands of the enemy.

The bear plodded into the woods,
The water is calm and still,
The blood washed away.
The salmon mourn.

The enemy gone, the hilltop bare,
Bloodsoaked into the ground.
The soldiers fight depressed.

The hunt is over. The war is over.
The fish forget. The woman remembers and she cries till her children come to comfort her. But yet, in her heart, she still cries.


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