The Pills That Support Me

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

These pills that I’m taking to help me be strong
Are they making me better? Fixing what’s wrong?
Are they helper or hindrance, problem or cure?
Or maybe just crutches to help me endure?

Big green ones, the white ones the tiny round yellow
For something so small he’s a powerful fellow
Or the cream one I take on the following day
To undo the yellow, keeping me from harms way!

I don’t know if they’re useful if they help me or not
But I know life without them could be painfully short
They have strength for their size, that’s plain to see
But nothing compared to the woman beside me.

All my strength is within her, my drive to go on
I have none of my own, it has left me, it’s gone.
I love her, I need her, I’m lucky she’s there
I just find it so difficult to tell her I care.

Maybe these words will give some recognition
To a wonderful woman who has me as a mission
She helps and encourages, brings hope like the dove
This wonderful woman, this woman I love.


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