The Policemans Lot

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

An old friend told me yesterday
That when attending an affray
Stand fast as if you just don’t care
You make like you’re going nowhere

I try but can’t convince myself
To lay emotion on the shelf
If only I could play that part
Of a lawman who has no heart

So lonely
So lonely

The thought to knock on someone’s door
To give the news that life’s no more
The look of hate in some folk’s eyes
Unable to handle life’s surprise

You’re in the right but always wrong
The culprit sings the same old song
They spit and call us hurtful names
But soon ring up when not to blame

So lonely
So lonely

Don’t forget there’s many good deeds
Those that suffer, helping those with needs
They need no badge to serve the crown
They wade in when the chips are down

Though I am able just to walk away,
Share tears and laughter at the end of day,
To be accepted and loved as one
My life’s ambition, then, my work is done.


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