The politician came

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The Politician came,
he stood on a tank;
spoke of our service
he came here to thank.

The value he placed
on those who were lost,
the grieving of families
who bore the whole cost.

‘Never forgotten’

that’s what he said

‘always we will
honour our dead’

‘Alive in our memories
they will not fade’

the sacrifice given,
the sacrifice made.

So easy the promise
a casual thought,
no mention of help
for those who had fought.

No mention of help
for the families now left,
no mention for those
forever bereft.

Duty and honour
we hold to it still –
part of the bargain
you’ve yet to fulfil:

the lack of resources,
make do and mend,
not enough troops
to count in the end –

No mention of these –
but our duty we make
for we are the ones
that death has to take.

The Politician came
and gave a fine speech
then back home to Christmas
well out of harm’s reach.

What is the purpose,
what is the aim,
what is the reason,
what is the gain ?


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