The Poor Always Pay

by | Sep 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

It seems those people paying taxes
Can’t keep the rest that just relaxes
The Tories say they’ll turn the tide
And stop the slackers easy ride

They say to do this is repugnant
And many of us will be redundant
Thus cutting costs at one swift stroke
Before the country ends up broke

Now tell me how if this is so
(To sack good workers let them go)
Will they make up for those lost taxes
‘Cos more of us will be relaxers

More of us will have to sign
On the dole form’s bottom line
Our buying power will surely fall
Trading then must start to stall

Fewer people will pay less taxes
Requiring further use of axes
The economy will start to spiral
With ministers in flat denial

Surely keeping people working
And cutting those who’re only shirking
Is better for a turn around
Than running us into the ground

But hey! What do I know Premier Dave?
Let’s go with you and dig our grave
Put everybody on their knees
Including you! Yes really! Please!


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