The poppy

by | Jan 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was walking the dog, across the fields one day,
In between the corn and the fence,
A poppy blocked my way,
I could have stepped over, or could have walked round
I could have even pushed it into the ground,
But fortunately respect made me think and say,
How can I step over, or walk round and go on my way,
To me this is a soldier, who gave his life,
He fought for this country and gave us this free life.

So I know it sounds silly that it’s only a flower,
But those people that fought for us,
They gave me an hour.

One hour to remember,
To remember them all,
So please,
On the eleventh hour,
Of the eleventh day,
Let’s remember,
Those that have fallen,
and our children that may fall.


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