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Once tall and strong, head held high
Laughed as the girls watched him walk by
He signed his name for colours and country
Knowing full well what the full price could be

Now ten years past he’s seen some stuff
Mates won, and lost, it has been rough
He sits alone in a room full of friends
Waiting, wasting, time until his “head mends”

Still proud to have been that lad in green
Mom as proud as she has ever been
Neighbours waved as he went to war
Now they all hide behind closed doors

It’s not me whos angry, its what ive been through
To us it’s old to them its new
The scars on skin heal red then pink
The ones inside never heal, he thinks

Get up and go they used to shout
To Lead to follow without doubt
One day green next desert camms
Whats that they say about, slaughter and lambs

The sun is brighter now the worst is past
Its nice to sit in shade at last
No smudged thoughts im getting there
I have had help, ive had care

Still tall, head not so high
Still people look as i walk by
I smile and think of the friends miss
To share a pint, a laugh, would be bliss

The war was all around, at one time
It moved inside, it seemed a crime
Trusted people stay close, i need them there
To feel in my smudged moments, that someone cares

To stay this way i will have to accept
Feel like ive paid a national debt
All the things felt and all things seen
I now know what the price has been.


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