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In my dream I was traveling on a journey to the moon,
I had set off yesterday, and would be landing fairly soon,
The object was to escape from the problems surrounding me,
Which I hoped would be washed away in the Sea of Tranquillity.

I know there would be no-one there to cause me any strife,
But then I would not be living an ordinary life,
Would the same old problems be at the forefront of my mind,
Or would the problems I might face be of a different kind.

There would be many things which I could not understand,
For I would be an alien, living in an alien land,
I began to wonder if this was the place where I wanted to be,
Would it really be a place of tranquillity?

It would be a life of loneliness in a desolate place,
That was the reality of the future that I would face,
There was one thing that I knew for sure,
That a life of loneliness was not one I could endure.

I fired the retro rockets to return me to the earth,
I knew I would be happier in the country of my birth,
Most problems are something which with others we can share,
But it is the problem of loneliness which is the hardest for us to bear.

Maybe there is someone who is lonely living very near,
Maybe my friendship could help to make this disappear,
I know it is something that I must try very soon,
I know it will be more satisfying than traveling to the Moon.


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