The Professional Soldier

by | Jun 2, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

If you were asked a thousand questions
Or maybe even more
About your views on conflict
In any given theatre War
Do you think that it is possible
That given thought, you might
Agree that War is justified
And send our Army to fight
For this must be the situation
That a Government of the day must face
When asked for help from across the World
So that from War with Peace they may replace
For although we live in a small Island
Our Military Men are measured with high esteem
They may be asked to quell a “coups d’etat, in some far flung land
No matter how difficult the task may seem
They fought in the hills of Korea
And in the jungles of Borneo and Malaya too
Not forgetting their fight in the Falkland Islands
And the IRA in Ireland to pursue
Although things have changed with the passing of time
And mostly in the forms of transport they use
No longer do they sit aboard a troopship for weeks
As though on an extended holiday cruise
For they knew that after weeks of inactivity
That when on foreign soil they land
They had to return to fighting fitness, at the double
To get on the with the job in hand
But today the mode of travel is much quicker
As they walk aboard a large Transporter plane
And fly to that far off destination, where
In 24 hours they are in action again
Although it is said in War there is only one winner
And we know the “Grim Reaper “ is his name
If you asked the average British Soldier, what he thinks
Most would answer “ We’ll do our job just the same”
For tho’ the years come and go a Soldier’s job will never change
As with many Family tradition comes to the fore
And they long to wear the Regimental Uniform of their kin
Then adjust to the changing patterns and weapons of War
For these are the men who choose to fight
As Professional Soldiers they must
So as they serve for the Flag , their Country and their Queen
In the knowledge of Great Britain’s utmost trust.


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