The Project

by | Jun 7, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I’ve had a birthday
I’m going to start a project.
This will take me seven years
And it will be completed
When I reach three score and ten.
I’ll build myself a pyramid
Just like the early Pharaohs did
And that’s where I’ll be laid to rest
With all of my possessions.
I won’t leave them to the kids
Because they don’t deserve them.
I’m sure that will unnerve them.
I’ll make provision for my wife
So she can live in luxury,
Maybe in a nunnery,
Until her time to come to me.
I will build it out the back
With special stone that doesn’t crack.
It will be terrific;
I’ll write a hieroglyphic
With which I will petition
To get planning permission
And if it isn’t granted
I won’t be downhearted.
If their decision stinks
I’ll just build myself a sphinx!


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