The Puddle in the Kitchen

by | Sep 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s a puddle in the kitchen
On the floor I do declare.
I’m sure that when I went to bed
The puddle wasn’t there!

I looked around to try and find
The cause of all this mess.
My patience it was dwinderling
By the second, less and less!

I looked up at the ceiling
Even underneath the sink
And then the cause was evident
The fridge was on the blink!

The milk was off, the cheese was green
The ice cream was all runny,
The cat came in and licked it up
I’m sure she thought it funny!

I checked the fuse, the plug and switch
I even thumped it twice.
And then I saw the wires beneath
All chewed, no doubt, by mice!

I told the cat unless she worked
And caught the little pests
She wouldn’t have another treat
Of chicken leg or breast!

And now at last the mice have gone
And everything is fine.
The cat has got her lives renewed
From eight back up to nine!


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