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In the quiet of the night when all is calm and still

I often lie awake and let my mind run free

I ask myself the questions, that long have perplexed man

And seek answers which are satisfactory to me

The first question I ask is what is the purpose of this life?

Are there targets that we should try to achieve?

Or should we set out just to please ourselves?

As many others would have us to believe

I want to know why people are so different

With some being greedy and wanting far more than their share

Do they really believe that they are worth more than us?

Or is it that they really do not care?

And why are some people so indifferent

To the needs of those that they meet day by day?

Do they think that if they just ignore them

That the problems they cause will simply go away?

I know that this world could be better

If we were only willing to face

The fact that whilst we all are different

We are all part of the great human race


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