The Reason

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So, you want to know why I want to be your friend and help you.
Well! I will tell you why, and why I put the importance of
Your life before mine. Firstly, I have had quite a happy and
Successful life. It have not always been so happy, and some
People have done some bad things to me when I was a child…but
There were four people who always put me first before themselves,
Because they were older, and they could give more of their time to
Others. They helped me greatly…beyond that which could normally
Be expected. They helped shape me into the person I am
Now, and part of what I am is what they were. I know I have
Absorbed something from them into myself. They gave me something…

But I am not allowed to keep it for myself…I am just
Looking after it…so that I might in turn pass it on to
Those who deserve it. What I have been given is Time, Patience
And Respect. I have some for myself, but more importantly
I have lots of it, so I am passing it over to you.
I am giving you lots of Time, Patience and Respect, because
You deserve it. I was also given something else. I was
Given unconditional Love and Hope. Unconditional
Means that I do not have to earn it. I did not have to do

Something before it was given to me. I was just given
It to look after, so that I could pass it on to others
Who deserve it. And the very first time we met I could see
That you gave me all the Respect you had…even though you did
Not have much left for yourself…because others had taken a
Lot of it away from you, and they did not pass it on…they
Stole it from you. But you had enough left to give me your last bit
Of Respect, and you were kind enough to give me the last thing
That you had…that you valued…your Respect. But you did not know

That I already had lots of Respect. So I will just give
It back to you.. I will give you all of the Respect, Time and
Patience, Love and Hope that I have, so that you will have plenty.
Because you were willing to give the last dregs of Respect
That you had, I thought that you deserved all that I have. That is why
I am your friend. Once before I had given you all I had…
But it has been wasted on people who do not deserve your
Love, Kindness, Time, Patience and Respect. You gave up all that I
Had passed over you to others who in return only

Gave you back Disrespect, Intolerance, Hate and Hopelessness.
I have had these myself, from others, but I would not dream of
Passing them on to you… Disrespect, Intolerance, Hate or
Hopelessness. If someone gave me Disrespect I would tell him
Or her “no thank you, I do not want it, because if I have
Disrespect I might inadvertently give it to someone
Else. So you can keep it. However, if you have got Respect
For me then I will have it gratefully, because I can pass
It on to someone else…who needs it”. But even though you had

Wasted what I gave you on others who do not deserve it,
I will give you some more. I still have lots of it because of
What others have given me. So I will give it to you in
Turn. I will give you lots more Respect, Time, Patience, Love and Hope.
All you need to do is not to waste it on people who do
Not deserve it. Pass it on to others who do deserve it.
And if you run out, I will give you even more, because you
Are the person I trust to pass these gifts on to others who
Deserve them. Never worry about going short of time, patience, respect,
Love and hope. If ever you need any more, you just call me
And I will be there for you… whenever you have need of me.


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