The Red Beret

by | Apr 7, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Arnhem and Oosterbeek was where the Para’s bled,
They fought outnumbered and outgunned amid their mounting dead,
Even German generals admired their tenacious stand,
As they stood and died together in a strange and war torn land.

Bloodied and battered they carried on the fight,
Till after nine horrendous days they were withdrawn, under the cover of night,
Ten thousand of the bravest had dropped out of the sky,
Three thousand only crossed the Rhine, one thousand had to die.

But misfortune and dishonour are two words far apart,
The glory of the Para’s at Arnhem had its start,
Their Colours bear the honours for which so many died,
From Arnhem to the Falklands, the Red Berets worn with pride.


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