The Redundant Shed

by | Oct 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My roof is leaking badly
My floor is soaking through
My wooden boards that used to lap
Are warping, long since new

My only view out to the World
Through windows once so clear
Is now obscured by the grime
And ‘ Slugs ‘ that climb so queer

I’ve heard that they’re replacing me
Old age has shown my years
And when the raindrops fall off me
I can’t hold back my tears

I’ve served my purpose now I’m full
Of ‘ Junk ‘ from ‘ Him indoors ‘
A pile of rubbish six feet high
And spilling out the drawers

I was dismantled bit by bit
Where once I stood so proud
Then stacked upon the decking
And covered with a ‘ Shroud ‘

Then yesterday, re-born again
Recycled as a fence
I now stand proudly once again
At no cost, or expense !


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