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A path with no obstacles can lead to nowhere,
At least not to any place that is worthwhile,
The road that can lead you to somewhere special,
Is often blocked by many a stile.

The road which leads to nowhere is wide open,
Is one down which many people choose to go,
But the road which leads to somewhere special,
Is one down which progress might be slow.

There are so many roads down which we can travel,
But only one road will lead to happy life,
The other roads may lead us on to pleasure,
But pleasure is something which can quickly turn to strife.

The road to life is not an easy road to travel,
Yet we should seek to make some progress every day,
But if we are to reach our destination,
We must take note of the warning signs along the way.

But if we are sure of our destination,
And if we are certain that we know the way,
If we are prepared to overcome the hazards,
Then we shall progress a little more each day.

One day we shall arrive at our destination,
The pleasure of arrival will make us want to smile,
The joy of being at a special place will be ours,
And we shall know the effort was worthwhile.


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