The Royal Marine Medic

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When young you may yearn to be a Military Man
And look forward to fulfil your dream
Your head is full of various choices
And some you may take to extreme
You could choose to join the Army as a Soldier
Or the RAF to be a pilot and fly
There’s always the Navy who are looking for Sailors
With shore postings where you’ll keep your feet dry
But the young man I have in mind made an instant decision
A Royal Marine he decided to be
And after extensive courses of training
His dream became reality
His Uniform he donned with pride
The coveted Green Beret he was now able to wear
In the Service of his Queen and Country
And opted to a life of care
For he chose not to take a Combatant Role
And a Military Medic he became
Tho’ he learnt how to use a Bayonet and Rifle
He acquired the necessary skill
Then he learned the art of a Medical Man
He opted to save life rather than kill
And after training he was posted to places far and wide
To any country in need of Military aid
To witness the horror and savagery of war
An also the Heroism so often displayed
For him Humanity is his ultimate Goal
Regardless of Colour or Culture or Creed
He is bound, as are Doctors, by the Hippocratic Oath
Where the preservation of Life applies to him indeed
Many times he will witness his colleagues under fire
Exploding IED’s and a Snipers bullet passing his head
The smell of Cordite and the screams of Soldiers injured
Lost Limbs , bullet wounds and tending the dead
But he may also find he’s faced with an injured enemy soldier
Tho’ it matters not he’ll treat them just the same
Even put his life at risk to save an injured colleague , under fire
He sees it al as parft of the Medics game
And in battle sometimes civilians will suffer
Horrific injuries and their lives are defiled
Althoug it’s not unknown that he may be reduced to tears
As he battles the odds of time to save the Life of a child
The virtual weapon that he uses in his constant fight to save lives
Some say must be in his healing hands
And the dedication to his Medics duty
Which unfortunately some people cannot understand
The life he leads is not for the money
But for the joy on a survivors face is his reward
To know that he has given them another chance at life
A luxury they thought they could never afford
And when his military days are over
His Civilian Life may very well depend
On whether the Trauma and the Heartbreak and the Horror
Had brought his Military Career to an end
But fortunately that was not the case for this man
For he is now back home once more
Knowing ne’er again will he have to face the casualties
Away on some far flung Foreign Shore


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