The Sailors Angel

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

She is a very special angel sent down from God on high
She only got her wings today and here’s the reason why
God wanted to send a very precious gift from up above
To cast the petals on the waters to show his tender love

For all our sailors in the world who have been lost at sea
Every one who gave their lives so we could still be free
The Royal Naval battles fought over so many years
Claimed an unknown number and countless women’s tears

Brave merchant men in times of war, battled through the foam
To bring the food and merchandise to those desperate at home
Ships that guarded them against the foe through the day and night
So many lost to save us here as ships sank and could not fight

For those who risked the mighty sea and the enemy out there too
To fish the icy coastal waters and provide food for me and you
So many put to sea forever in conditions you can’t understand
Unless you too have served in ships, out far away from land

For every wave in all the oceans and on every deep sea bed
She sends red poppy petals to rest on every sailor’s head
With a prayer for each sailor who lays beneath her there
God holds every one beneath the waves, in his loving care

She will return to the arms of God when her job is done
Those arms that can enfold the world as He held His only son
Jesus sacrificed His precious life for us, fighting against all ill
Remember the sailors from yesterday, while we live in freedom still


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