The Sarge!

by | Aug 5, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I heard the sarge say
“Right, left all fall in”
N then I saw my fellow brother

With freckles on his nose n cheeks
N teeth as white as a ghost
I knew I would not lose touch
With my fellow brothers
In this war we fight alone

I learn to quick march
N shoot a rifle within a distance
Not much
I knew my number
It stuck to my head

We all knew where
We were heading
The pain we could not defend
Our hands were our saviour
Our legs were our defence

The sarge then said
“We go together”
“We leave together”
“Whether in body or soul “

We shall fight
N that was the last words
I heard before my mind switched
And turned a corner

That was my sarge
And the people
Left, right n centre
Were my fellow, fighting brothers…


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