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The sea appears ghostlike
From under the blanket of mist
Its waves gently rising
Gently falling, until…..
It stealthily reaches the shore
Encroaching; Encompassing;
Possessing all within its grasp
Until….. At the turn of the tide
It leaves as ghostly and
As gently as it came

The sea rages forth
Beneath the stormy clouds
Its waves violently crashing
Violently pounding, until…..
It throws itself on to the shore
Forcefully; Fiercely;
Powerful in its intent
Until….. At the turn of the tide
Against its will, it retreats
Its mighty force spent

The sea mirrors the blue sky
In the reflection of the baking sun
With hardly a wave at all
It lazily, seductively laps
At the foot of the golden shore
Luxuriantly; Lusciously;
Romantic in its embrace
Until…. At the turn of the tide
It yields to its masters call
And the spell is broken


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