The Shadows

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I find myself deep within shadows,
encompassing me,
Dragging me down,
Choking my ability to see.

Creatures from the night,
Rise up in front of me,
Basking me in an unnatural light,
My legs wont move, I cant flee.

All the things you dare not dream,
Swarm around me, an unspoken pact,
I want to fight, stop what will be,
My hands like lead wont react.

I am running, trying to get away,
I have many around going the same way,
Something chases us, closer ever closer,
I turn to stand, determined to stay.

I walk quickly through the lane,
Night is upon me, and red eyes are all around,
I can hear sounds in the dark,
Thick black paws thumbing upon the ground.

I am in a building, defending again,
Not sure who is out there, determined to get in,
Trying to keep all around me safe,
Why is it happening, have we committed a sin.

Now I am falling, leaves all around,
tumbling from a tree,
Ever falling, always dropping,
Suddenly hitting the ground, awakening me.


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