The simple life

by | Mar 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Whatever happened to the simple life
Where people were carefree and gay
Even the word at the end of the last line
You mustn’t mention today
We live for political correctness
No inference should ever be used
As there might be misinterpretation
And cause persons to be confused
You’ve got to be very careful
With a colour scheme on your mind
’cos if black is one of your choices
Some opposition you might find
Be careful to add in some Yellow and white
When decorating a home that’s palatial
And throw in some red & green & blue
Or someone might suggest that you’re racial
Don’t try to buy a Golliwog Doll
Or a Teddy bear try to name
As it might be misinterpreted in Arabic
And you’ll be the one that takes the blame
You may walk in the street and be confronted
And feel on your handbag a tug
As you turn you may see a young hoodlum, in a “hoodie”
You’re now the victim he’s trying to mug
But you don’t give in without fighting
With your fist you catch him full in the face
To the do-gooders you’re now not the victim, but assailant
And the Police cart you off in disgrace
With young thug getting compensation
And then disappear without trace
So now if you will cast your mind back
To the times when you were but a mere Child
And Angels we certainly were not
Standards of behaviour were stringent
And wrongdoings were never forgot
Perhaps the fear of the Policeman’s gauntlet
Or a swipe round the head with his Cape
Or his threat to tell all to your Father
Then you knew there was no escape
Even the criminal fraternity knew
That if knife or a gun they should use
The Law then was very specific
And they would die in the Hangman’s Noose
So now as I sit and contemplate
And slowly close my eyes
Whatever happened to the simple life
I’ll leave you all to visualise.


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