The Sky is Forming

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sky is forming
it’s approaching me
I see
the sky is turning dark

Through all the rain
Through all the thunder
I stare up
and I look to my left
it’s my fellow solider
protecting other

we gazed and looked
covered in mud n soot
with heavy clothing
I was forever draining

I drained once more
and I look intently
above I see

that the star
the one that points
directly towards me
is gleaming so thoroughly
I call to my brother
and he looks
begins to wonder and he said to me

that’s not what you thing
it’s not what it betrays
that gleaming star is none other
then a fire blaze

while we battle
while we fight
that a star tells us
a brother of our platoon
shall die tonight…


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