The Sniper

by | Nov 29, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Out on patrol in the cold night air
Our adversaries we’re hoping to find
Ever alert and with utmost care
Travelling through an area that might be mined
To them the value of Life comes cheap
Cunning and ruthless the enemy of which we speak
Booby traps and snipers in concealment
Death and destruction the goal they seek
Under the guise of religion
The Terrorists all ply their trade
To kill and injure without compassion
As they wage their so-called Crusade
Because of all the deadly obstructions
Our progress is Oh! so slow
For each of us is fully aware
That most of our movements they know
Then all of sudden the crack of a shot
And a very small giveaway spark
Of a single snipers rifle
Which gives us a target in the dark
A decision is made to take the assailant out
Or maybe capture for interrogation
All weapons aimed at the target now
To return fire and settle the altercation
Sporadic fire from the distance
In answer to our fight back in the dark
And then a prolonged silence
Perhaps our ammunition had found it’s mark
But now came the dangerous part
As we needed to assure our enemy was dead
For one false move by any of our crew
May mean we become the casualties instead
So stealthily we approached the building
Which had housed our deadly foe
Then we tossed a couple of grenades through the window
No compassion could we show
And once the dust had settled
And we were able to see within
There lay the bodies of four young mercenaries
For terrorism had been their final sin
So once again we covered the ground
As we returned to our base once more
Each of us thankful of a successful night
In this terrible theatre of War


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