The Soldier

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Every soldier sees death and violence
Sees kids rotting beneath the shells
Then they remember those back home
Freedom is given to the man that tells
We cuddle the kids of corruption
We try to try to
Free a nation
But the bad exists without disruption
So we stiffen our spines
And walk with extra strength
The soldier sometimes pines
But he walks the extra length
Mankind still has not learnt
Sending our possible future to their death
Whist us soldiers see men when they’ve been burnt
And those kids who do not know Macbeth
So when I come home
Give me sometime
And some space and peace to roam
Get to know love I send in this rhyme
To be a soldier
What will our world become?
To be a soldier
Save all and one from the scum
I spit blood and im choking
The bullet spent in my chest
Im just a soldier im not joking
God is real to the rest.


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