The Soldiers headstone

by | May 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Bear my body in this coffin; drape it in the union jack
Lay I down gently, covered in soil for I won’t be back
Bring the ladies to cry by my grave, perhaps toss a rose in
Better have a priest standing there, somebody has to forgive me of my sins

Then fill my grave with the soil, lay the grass back on top
When all is done tell all around to drink, be merry the crying must stop
Then employ a good craftsman, make a good headstone for me
Place it at the head of the grave; bring every young boy to see

Instruct the one who carves the stone, follow my words exact
Tell the boys to read them well, be sure they know it is fact
Make sure the words are crystal clear, last for many a day
This the words I have written exactly, this is what it must say

Here lies a fool and drunkard who threw his life away
Never learnt his lessons, missed the church and ran away
Joined the bloody army not the glory you think it would be
Underneath this headstone is what little was left of me

Listen to your parents, get out and find a trade
When the army come marching don’t be seduced by a parade
Most of those you see marching will soon be lying dead
Best you stay and live your life get a wife instead

Remember the advice of this soldier; I have no wife to mourn
Take heed of the loneliness, a soldier lives on his own
Your lives must mean something; face your lord with pride
Live a good life and prosper, with children and your wife by your side


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