The Soldiers Inside Us All.

by | Sep 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We all are soldiers in our way,
Fighting personal demons every day,
And in the dreams, every night.
Hidden in the words we write.

We battle in every day life,
Against the bully holding the Knife,
When he thinks us frail and weak,
With hidden tears running down his cheek.

We may sometimes lose a fight,
But learning from it we find our light,
To know how to fall and rise again,
And to fight through the bitter pain.

We make war with every tooth and nail,
And have grown stronger each time we fail,
Be proud in who you are, just as we,
Are all soldiers of eternity.

We pass our weapons onto our sons,
As the dusty earth fills our lungs,
But do not loose the sight of life,
Cos it might be you that holds the knife.


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