The soldiers prayer

by | Jun 6, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

In foreign lands I go to fight,
In the heat of the day and the cold of the night
To Keep others safe, who live in fear
Lord look after those, that I hold dear.

Watch over me please, as I, break ground,
Keep from harm, all the friends that I’ve found,
My regiment, my corps, my mom and dad too.
Deny them the hurt, that others have gone through.

Each day is a struggle, but it’s that same for all,
A smile and a wink, not letting each other fall,
Brothers in arms, to each other loyal,
For our Queen and country, our heritage royal.

Some days they start, seem never to end,
There’s no silver lining, no help round the bend,
Training takes over, just stuck on full auto,
“Swift and bold”, the regiment motto.

Please be mindful my lord, as I carry out my drills,
That someone’s not watching, in those far off hills,
We stick to the rules, but our enemy does not,
IED’s on the road, in an old parking lot.

So hear this please, my soldiers verse,
I know things aren’t, bad, and could be a lot worse,
Proud of my friends and the uniform I wear,
Please listen intently, to my soldier’s prayer.



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