The Spirit of Time

by | Jan 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

You stand in the shadow of time, you lift the golden vail and you enter mine.
Spirit you can travel so fast ,you break in to this time from the past.
You are not dead you are alive, you did not die all you did was survive.
Death is just nature that mortal man does not understand, time and life are like grains of sand slowly slipping through our hands.
I look in to your eyes that are so pure, I always feel what did life give you and what pain did you have to endure.
You have lost, we have lost. We have all lost someone we love, but we all know you are in and with the almighty above.

Your energy is strong when the darkness has fallen on this earth, remember you have gone through your second birth.
You were born in the living world and will be born again into the spirit world.
When we were born we all came from darkness in to the light and when we die we go in to darkness again and search for the brightness with all of our might.
Why do we fear and why do we fight, who gives a dam who’s wrong or right?
Life is to short so enjoy what you can, never forget you are just mortal man

Spirit we work together and respect each other. I lost my rock, and you took someone I miss and love my only mother.
This is life and no one is to blame, life in this world for me will never be the same.
We all shine from gods eyes in some way and are all reborn like the flowers in May.
Do what you can in this life and be strong, you all know truly in your heart this cant be wrong. Love who you love and follow your dream before we see the light from the heavenly beam.
Life is like a big book, dont turn the pages to fast before you take and study a closer look. The chapters are caught in your memories of life sometimes it can turn on you and cut you like a knife.
Man is good and man is bad, we cant live together which I find very sad.

Thank you for the power and strength that I need, you have give me the quest that I must feed.
We are the living spirit and time will not stop for us at all. Learn this information and except what life is all about, but never never fall.
We are just a tiny speck of time caught up in a mass of living on this earth, we start dieing from our birth.
So ghosts of time you are always welcome in to mine.
We are the spirit of the earth, soon will come the power and it will save us all and it will be called the rebirth.
The vein of christs blood will open again , he will come back before man destroys this earth and he will stop all of that pain.


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