The Strength Within

by | Feb 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I don’t know how we manage
When our loved ones are away
But some how we find the courage
To face each passing day

We think about them constantly
They are always in our hearts
Every day we pray for them
Whilst we are far apart

Inside our minds, they’re always there
Each time we close our eyes
Our tears, they flow so freely
Each time a hero dies

Every day that passes
Is one less worry to face
We count the days, one by one
Until they’re out of that place

We welcome words of comfort
From our loved ones, friends and kin
We know we have to keep the faith
We know we can’t give in

But, there’s a strength we hold within each of us
Buried way down deep inside
A strength which helps us face our fears
A strength, which we call pride

Pride we have for our loved ones
For doing the job they do
Our loved ones can find the courage
So for them, we find it to


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