The Summer Rain

by | Apr 12, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Now April’s here has Winter passed
Will we see the weather change
From the cold grey skies and windy chill
To travel through Natures climate range
Torrential rain on the window sill
Snow showers perhaps hail and sleet
These are all the conditions that make
An English Winter complete
But now it’s time to look to the future
To see what the Summer may bring
To follow in the path of warmer days
That we’ve witnessed with the onset of Spring
Broken now then by the occasional shower
Or late Frost in the early morning too
Which might affect the growth of early plants
Although they welcome the morning dew
And now as a May dawn is breaking
With a clear blue sky overhead
Then a hint of Sun that rising in the East
But dampness underfoot as you tread
The well worn path around the garden
To see how the plants have progressed
As you pause by the newly planted Arbour
Do the Roses pass the fragrance test
So you’re now in a dearth of Summer Sunshine
All the plants are growing really well
Now is when they need lots of moisture
And when they’re in need it’s so easy to tell
But the clear sky has started breaking up now
Heavy rain clouds start to form
Intermittent thunder and lightning
Pre-empting another Summer storm
So it’s time to return indoors now
And maybe stare through the window pane
Maybe listen to the melodic pitter patter
And you’ll hear the rhythm of the Summer Rain


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