The Sun warms me

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sun warms me and I feel its warmth against my skin
My eyes are shut tight but I can still sense the light

I lie on the ground not moving or making a sound
I hear the bird’s way up in the sky
Watching them as they drift on by
They sing their songs as other birds join in the throng

The meadow grass moves gently in the breeze
You can feel the wind as it blows through the trees
It is a beautiful summer’s day as I lie here on the ground

My thoughts drift off to when I was a kid
Those are memories for which you should never be rid
Playing in the fields and chasing one another
I always teamed up with my little brother

I hear my children approach as I look at the clouds
Come on Dad they shout out loud
The peace has been shattered but I care not a jot
For they are my children my little lot

We all get ready to have a race I hope I can still keep up the pace
The sun warms me in this great place
As we all sprint off running this race


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